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Body Control Module (BCM)

        More competitive OEMs are integrating electronic body controller on their high-end vehicles to enhance comfort and safety. HiRain Technologies is one of the pioneer companies that develop and manufacture automobile central body controller. We have launched cars with integrated central body controller that controls lights, wipers, doors and windows electronically. Besides,  automatic wiper, engine anti-theft (IMMO), tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) and other functions have also been intergrated to meet people's increasing safety and comfort requirements.HiRain Technologies can provide multiple BCM products as well as customized products according to customers' requirements.

Basic Functionality
    Standard model
•  Wiper and windshield washing systems
•  Exterior and interior lights
•  Rear view mirrors
•  Doors and electric windows
•  Remote keyless entry (RKE) system
•  Integrated Bus networking (such as CAN/LIN) Instrument signal indication and failure diagnosis
•  Network management
•  BootLoader program update
•  Limphome working mode
•  ISO15765 diagnosis
    Comfort model
•  Tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) 
•  Engine anti-theft (IMMO)
•  Gateway (3 way CAN)

    Deluxe model
•  AFS Master
•  Windows control
•  Sunroof control
•  PEPS function


Features and advantages:
•  Integrated gateway features: To save independent gateway controllers and reducing costs.

•  The Limphome function: When the MCU fails,the lamp and the wipers can still be used by switch.

•  Engine anti-theft function: To save independent IMMO electric control parts and reduce costs.

•  Integrated TPMS tire pressure monitoring function: To improve vehicle safety performance.




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