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 Seat Control Module 


        With the rapid development of automobile industry and electronics technology, seat control module emphasizes more on the comfortability, safety, and seat control system. These indexes gradually become an important consideration for customers valuing automobile's comfortableness. Seat control module can control numerous motors for adjusting location, angle, and height of seat to enable drivers set their ideal driving position. The seat-memory control module stores the individual seat position which has been selected and drivers can therefore return the seat to their pre-selected position via button pushing. In association with the appropriate central locking systems and user-specific keys, the seat will also adjust automatically when the vehicle door is opened. Driver seat position can be adjusted according to the crash risk. The position also can be sent to rear airbag control unit for better control strategy. As a seat-control-module solution provider, HiRain will produce auxiliary products based on customer needs.

Main Functions

Seat adjust function (height, length, backrest, cushion tilt, etc)
Exterior rear view mirror Adjust
 Seat and mirror positions memory or recall
 Seat heating, ventilation, massage
 Load fault diagnosis
 ISO 15765 diagnostic protocol


Special Features
● Entry aid for driver and rear-seat passengers
Activating memory by remote control key
Mirror auto decline
Slow adjust
Soft stop
Seat physical position/location signal provided


 Technical Features
● Operating voltage range: 9V~16V
Quiescent current: 0.1mA @12V
Operating temperature range::-40℃~85 ℃
Overrun & stall protection

● Adjustment accuracy: 0.04mm,0.03°




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