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Passive Entry and Push Start


        Passive Entry and Push Start (PEPS) system is an intelligent electronic system that provides more convenient and safer access to the vehicle. Using the RFID (Radio frequency identification) techonology, The system of traditional mechanical and wireless keys are replaced by the “passive key” (or smart key) which allows the driver to unlock the car without touching the key and the engine can be started and stopped with a push of the ignition button.



•  Remote keyless entry
•  Passive entry
•  Passive start (Knob or Button)
•  Immobilizer & the ft deterrent system
•  Bootloader
•  Self-Diagnose routines
•  Power management & optional Tire pressure monitoring System (TPMS)
•  Keyless entry & Keyless start
•  Immobilizer
•  Safety algorithm for encoder and decoder
•  Integrated TPMS
•  Proximity Sensors for Door Handles
•  Intelligent key warning
  ♦  Low power beep/alarm
  ♦  Inside car beep/alarm
  ♦  Leaving beep/alarm


•  Quicker Passive Entry/Push Button Start response.
•  More efficient RF/LF communication
•  Flexibility to be configured according to requirements(e.g. Power management, Tire pressure monitoring )
•  Online software updates available via the Boot loader
•  Radio frequency communication & capacitive switches monitor
   ♦ high frequency communication: support 315MHz 433 MHz, certified by radio regulations
   ♦ low frequency communication:  support 125KHz communication, excellent calibration and positioning function
   ♦ Doorknob inductive capacitor switch
•  Superior functional safety management system
   ♦ International encryption algorithm
   ♦ Meet EU’s Security law
   ♦ Power distribution and ESCL function applied in function safety
•  Exhaustive PEPS system testing (e.g. RF/LF test,capacitor-switch test )
   ♦ Experience for high/low frequency adjustment, testing, and calibration
   ♦ Introduce international high/low frequency devices


System Block Diagram





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