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DC-DC Converter

        This DC-DC power module is able to convert the voltage from 24V (DC) battery system to 12V (DC) battery system in commercial vehicle so as to satisfy the needs of different electric devices. This modue is small in size but high in power density and efficiency. It also includes under-voltage input, current output, circuit shortcut output, and OTP function. 



Electrical specifications

•  Input voltage range: 18~32V

•  Output voltage: 12V±5%

•  Rated output power: 180W

•  Output ripple: less than 100mV

•  Delay time: less than 190ms


•  Wide input voltage range to meet the voltage range of 24V system
•  High conversion efficiency: typically 92%
•  High switching frequency: typical conversion efficiency reaches 250KHz.
•  Low output ripple
•  Over current protection/ Under voltage protection

Applied Range

        The product can be applied to all kinds of commercial vehicles and construction machinery vehicles of 24V system, and meets the experimental standards of Load Dump and Jump Start of 24V system. Furthermore, it can provide 24V system vehicles with another option of 12V voltage, which increases the driving comfortability and convenience. 

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