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Door Control Module


        The Door Control Module (DCM) is responsible for controlling and monitoring various electronic accessories in a vehicle's door. These include locking, driver door switch pad, child lock switches,window control and many more.
        HiRain Technologies has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of DCMs, and can offer custom solutions according to the OEMs requirements. HiRain DCM controllers have been equipped on several Chinese commercial vehicles, such as FAW, SinoTruck, ShaanQi, JAC etc.


General functions

•  Electric Door & Window Regulator
  ♦  Manual and automatic door & window control
  ♦  Side view control



•  Door Lock Regulator
    ♦  Central lock
    ♦  Auto lock
•  Rearview Mirror Control
    ♦  Electric adjustment for rearview mirrors
    ♦  Rearview mirror folding
    ♦  Turn light control
    ♦  Electric Heating systems


Special Features
•  Locking signal indicator
•  Working information storage
•  UDS diagnose
•  Boot loader
•  Online Configuration
•  CANbus function
•  OSEK/J1939 Compliance

•  Door & Window Anti-pinch Function
    ♦  Independent Control Module
    ♦  Integrated anti-pinch Click
•  (RKE:Remote Keyless Entry)
•   Position memory


•  The Modular design provides the flexibility needed to offer tailor made solutions to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

•  The DCM includes the switch panel, control module, RKE etc.

•  HiRain has acquired extensive experience providing numerous custom DCM product solutions for OEMs



System Architecture: HiRain offers 2 general types of system solutions

•  The Centralized Solution

        A control unit that realizes the control of all doors with high level of integration and low cost



•  The Distributed Solution

    ♦  Independent switch and control module

        Electric door appliances (including switch and control unit) are inside the door, linking by a bus, to ensure a data exchange between doors. This solution realizes switch and control module separately with  regular wiring harnesses and good overall arrangement


    ♦  Integration of switch and control module
        Apply Intelligent switch; a module that realizes collection and control output for all the switches within a single door




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