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Body Electric System



        With the rapid development of automotive electronic technology, there is an increasing number of competitive OEMs who focus on integrating electronic body controller on their high-end vehicles to enhance the level of comfort and safety for the vehicle. HiRain Technologies is one of the pioneer companies that develop and manufacture automobile central body controller. We have launched cars with integrated central body controller that controls lights, wipers, doors and windows electronically. Our products are now being exported to Europe and The Middle East. In the past decade, it has been equipped for FAW, Shaanqi, Dongfeng, Futian, Jinlong and Navistar.

•  Distrubuted Body Control Module

•  Chassis Control Module

•  Centralized Control Module


General Functions

•  Wiper and washing control
•  Exterior and interior lights control
•  CAN communication protocol based on SAE J1939 protocol
•  Rearview mirror control
•  Doors and windows control  (automatic /manual) 
•  Remote Keyless into system (RKE: Remote Keyless Entry)
•  Instrument signal indication and fault diagnosis function (by bus)

Special Functions

•  Safe driving mode
•  Online parameter configuration
•  Fault light substitution 
•  Boot Loader
•  Electrical load failure diagnosis 
•  Instrument signal indication and fault diagnosis function (by bus) 
•  Working information storage

•  Simplified switch design makes it easy to control and more reliable
•  Intelligent output power switch replaces traditional relay scheme, improves vehicle reliability and performance
•  CAN bus technology optimizes wire harness design, reduces vehicle weight and improves vehicle reliability
•  Platform base makes vehicle more amendable for secondary development
•  Self-diagnosis makes vehicle maintainance much easier and cheaper.







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