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Over Head Console


General Introduction

        Over Head Console(OHC) is a type of console which realizes the controlling function for both interior lighting (map light, courtesy light) and sunroof. Through the platform based design, HiRain supplies the main board of OHC as a tier 2 supplier to several international Tier1 suppliers , including Tesla, Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Land-Rover, etc. 


HiRain OHC introduction

        Based on traditional OHC, HiRain integrates new features such as gesture control, voice recognition, adjustable color backlighting, adjustable brightness map light, etc.

Main features

•  Detection range:0 ~15cm
•  Recognizable type of gesture:10
•  Sensitivity:< 1fF
•  Resolution:up to 150dpi
•  Scanning cycle:20ms~150ms
•  Carrier Frequency:44 kHz~115 kHz
•  Openterting voltage:2.5V~3.465V
•  Quiescent dissipation:363μW@3.3V

Voice Recognition

Main features:
•  Without trainning & record, recognition rate: 95%
•  Recognizable sentence:50
•  Recognizable sentence length:≤ 20 syllables

Brightness/ Color Adjustable Lighting

Use RGB LED as lighting source. the brightness & color could be controlled as user's intent
OHC electrical wiring diagram

System Block


Capacitive Switch

Main features:
•  Detection range 8"/200mm
•  Quiescent dissipation<5uA
•  Good EMC/environment performance
•  Prevention of False Triggering


Gesture control

       By near electric-field sensing technology, dynamic gestures, such as swipe/flick/circular, could be recognized and used to control systems, such as sunroof and ambient lighting (color/brightness).

Capacitive Touch

Tier 1 Suppliers and models

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