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 Central Gateway Module

        Gateway is the core of EEA and vehicle networks. As the data router of network, Gateway connects all the CAN networks and some LIN networks. It translates and transfers information going through these networks. As a diagnose router, Gateway is the only diagnostic interface of the vehicle connecting to external Testers. Gateway also works as a center node of the vehicle network. It monitors and coordinates the vehicle network operations and electrical parameters.


Basic functions:
•  Message/signal routing functions
•  Rate conversion and protocol translation
•  The vehicle network related diagnosis
•  Gateway self-diagnosis
•  Network management
•  Bootloader
•  Switch acquisition
•  Bus awaken
Special features:
•  Vehicle node configuration;
•  Vehicle data backup;
•  Vehicle external diagnosis excuse;
•  Vehicle transportation mode control;


Product features
Platform development  can effectively speed up the customer's vehicle development plan. The following contents can be configured according to customer's requirements:
•  Configure the number of CAN channels (2 ~ 6 channels) according to the network topology 
•  Configure the CAN transceiver type according to the network management policy
•  Configure the type of high speed or low speed fault tolerant CAN transceiver according to the network topology
•  Configure 2 LIN interfaces and 3 switch input interfaces according to the network topology 
•  Low power consumption: the working current is less than 200mA, and the dormant current is less than 200uA
•  Products meet the international vehicle manufacturers test standards;
•  CAN interface possessed with complete EMC guarantee measures;
•  MCU has double watchdog monitoring;
•  Having double key data backup and data cache when power interrupt;
•  Transient voltage suppression, ESD electrostatic protection, and a series of protection measures in case of overvoltage and reverse connection.

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