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Ambient Light System


       The Multi-color ambient lighting system offers an interior lighting solution which allows the user to exert control over the atmosphere inside the vehicle cabin through adjusting color and brightness.



Product Composition

The system can be customized to provide the following modes.
•  Ambient lighting controller
•  Ambient lighting Nodes


Product Function



•  Ambient Lighting Controller:

    ♦  CAN communication with External ECU
    ♦  Functional logic processing
    ♦  LIN communication with Lighting nodes

•  Ambient light node::

    ♦  Accept and analyze LIN message sent by controller
    ♦  Control color and brightness of RGB LED


•   Independent LIN ID for each lighting node
    ♦  Each node can be independently controlled
    ♦  The ID of each LIN node is dynamically assigned when the system powers up for the 1st time
•  Overheating Protection & Diagnostic functions
    ♦  Reduces the risk of the damage due to overheating
    ♦  Able to self-diagnose short/open circuit condition of each LED

Color conformity over a wide temperature range

       The innovative temperature compensation modulates the duty cycle of PWM automatically for each basic color (Red, Green, Blue) according to the real-time junction temperature of the LED. This allows the system to maintain conformity of color & luminance performance under different temperature conditions.
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