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Electrical Steering Column Control Unit

        Traditionally, due to the close position between steering wheel and driver’s seat, the driver has to turn aside so as to get on/off the car. However, the Electric Steering Column Control Unit produced by HiRain is increasing the convenience and comfort level for drivers as they get on/off the car.
        The product mainly realizes the electric adjustment and memory function of the steering column's position. When the driver gets out of the car, the steering column will get back off the driver direction; when the driver gets on the bus, it will automatically return to the initial position, which will greatly improve the comfort level for drivers when they get on and off the bus. Now it has been equipped with FAW.





Main Functions

•  4 direction adjustment function

•  Communication and diagnostic functions

•  Initialization function

•  Automatic return and return function

•  Memory and work out

•  Soft stop function


•  low cost

•  Integration

•  Module

•  Ease of assembly 



Technical Data





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