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Power Lift-gate/Tail-gate 


HiRain Technologies started 1st generation power liftgate control module (PLGM) design and development with cooperation of worldwide famous spindle supplier in 2012. Within the next four years, we keep improving our products in accordance with market requirements and advanced design concept. Meanwhile, we keep optimizing product cost and enhancing market competitiveness compared with market leader. Right now, HiRain is cooperating with a worldwide top 3 spindle supplier for the latest generation product development and market exploration.
Speacial Features
•  Closed Loop Speed Control with Quiet Operation
•  Obstacle Detection with Consistent Anti-Pinch Force
•  Programmable Open Angle by Customer
•  Anti-Slam Protection Function
•  Controlled via Key Fob, Kick Sensor, etc
PLG Functional Test


PTGM Overview

Based on our PLGM technology, NA OEM requirements and market trend we have started developing power tailgate control module (PTMG) for pick up truck with cooperation of NA -Tier1 supplier since 2014. With two years’ iteration and improvement we have finished 2 generations of prototype sample design and test. In August our Tier1 customer demonstrated the PTG system with our ECU to Ford and we are working on improving the design according to feedback from Ford.


Special Features

•  Closed Loop Speed Control with Smooth Motion
•  Latch PWM Control with Quiet Operation
•  Obstacle Detection with Consistent Anti-Pinch Force
•  Power Assist Function During Manual Mode
•  Controlled via Key Fob, Touch Sensor, etc
•  Waterproof Design to Allow Submersion
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