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Sunroof Control Unit


        As time goes by, automotive comfort has been come into notice. Automatic sunroof control has gradually become standard equipment in various types of vehicles. For the purpose of ensuring customer safety, China, cooperating with North America, Europe, Japan, and many other countries, has strictly regulated the rules towards production and function of sunroof control.

        HiRain Technology has extensive experience on developing and producing Sunroof Control Unit (SCU) products. In recent years, we have been supplying SCUs to many OEMs, such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Hyundai, Jaguar LandRover, etc. In general, we deliver around 3 million SCUs per year.



HiRain SCU Products Road Map



Projects Overview



Basic Function
•  Auto/manual operating function
•  Remote switch control
•  Position management
•  Self - adaptation of clamp-proof resistance
•  Motor overheating protection
•  Single/double motor control
•  Fault Diagnosis
•  CAN/LIN interface
•  Bootloader
•  Low static power



Product Advantages
•  The development of software/hardware refer to the design standard from cooperating OEMs( Ford, Chysler, Jaguar, Landrover)
•  Platform-based Clamp-proof calculation & standardized Calibration process
•  Complete product development, Calibration and software/hardware testing ability
•  Products guaranteed by worldwide cooperating OEMs





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