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Vehicle On-board Wireless Charger

        Vehicle On-board Wireless Charging technology is an application of mobile phone wireless charging technology. This technique provides people with high comfort and convenience performance towards the use of mobile phone in the car. Meanwhile, it solves many traditional problems such as cable forgetting or inconvenient wire connection.


Product Feature
•   Vehicle on-board wireless charging QI protocol
•   Foreign matter identification for false charge avoidance
•   Safe and reliable test for current power
•   Fault diagnosis: real-time charging status reported
•   Online software update with BT
•   Support customized LIN diagnosis communication protocol


Product Parameter



Product Function
        Vehicle on-board wireless charging equipment will estimate whether the objects are closing in by inductive loop detection. Through modulation-demodulation, the device will be driven into charging state if it qualifies charging condition. Meanwhile, this product is equipped with local LED indicator that shows charging state.

Quality & Service
        HiRain’s on-board wireless charging product realizes customized LIN communication protocol service. The protocol includes fault diagnosis for temperature, voltage, and current as well as DTC inquiry. At the same time, this product contains Sleep/Wake function which can be freely set by customers.



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