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Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)



        AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) is an intelligent headlamp system. By sensing information such as driver operation, vehicle driving status, road surface changes and weather conditions, it is capable of swiveling and leveling the headlamp beam to provide the driver with the optimal road illumination. The system is comprised of two functions:

•  Automatic Swiveling System

•  Dynamic Headlamp Leveling

        HiRain Technologies has extensive experience in the successful development of AFS products and is the leading supplier of AFS systems in the Chinese domestic market. HiRain AFS solutions have been equipped on several General Motors (GM) platforms such as the Global Epsilon and Delta, and additionally on many other local Chinese OEMs including SGM, FAW, SAIC, GAC etc.

        With the development and wide application of AFS in passenger vehicles, the application of AFS in trucks, buses and special vehicles has been paid more and more attention. Many domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers have launched studies on these subjects. HiRain Technologies has fully utilized our own advantages in the AFS system, and has already carried out cooperative development of AFS-24V system with many domestic customers, and achieved a successful implementation of auto accessories.


        The system can be customized to provide the following modes
  Various passing beam modes


  Bending Mode:the beam patterns switch accordingly with vehicle speed and steering angle


  Static leveling:Automatically adjusts the headlamp pitch angle according to static vehicle load (passenger’s number, luggage).
  Dynamic beam leveling:Automatically adjusts the headlamp pitch angle to maintain optimal beam angle according to the vehicle angle (due to acceleration,deceleration, passenger’s number and different road condition).
 Tourist mode: Temporarily switching the headlamps to avoid the glare according to the traffic changes from left to right hand driving.

Systems & Products

        The AFS of the passenger vehicles consists of the master ECU, Slave L/R, Level motor L/R and Chassis-height sensors F/R.






       The AFS-24V consists of the master ECU, Slave L/R, Level motor L/R, Chassis-height sensors F/R and Steering wheel angle sensor (SAS).


Supporting Customers:

    GM: The new Buick LaCrosse, Excelle GT, GL8, Cadillac SLS
    GAC: Trumpchi, A28/AL Platform
    SAIC: Roewe 950, SV71
    FAW: Besture B90, Hongqi H7, L7, HS7
    BAIC: Senova, C51E/C60/C61X/C70/C80/B80 Platform
    CCAG: Raeton, S401 Platform
    GWM: H2, H6, H8, H9 Platform

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