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Forward Active Safety Camera 


        FAS-Cam is a vision based product for Advanced Driver Assistance System. The product is a highly integrated all-in-one system. ISP control,object detection algorithm, vehicle lateral and longitude control are all implemented in one box.

        HiRain Technologies has many years of experience with FAS-Cam, including working with several local customers providing system solutions for series production projects. The FAS-Cam solution has successfully completed track tests (within China and also at That cham in the UK) and accumulated road testing totaling over 50,000 km.
        Faced with increasingly strengthened laws and regulations, the forward active safety system will gradually become a necessary configuration for high safety level vehicles. The FAS-Cam is installed behind the front windshield glass, and can obtain lane information, following and crossing vehicles information, pedestrians, traffic signs and other traffic target information through monocular vision image processing. Through these information, the FAS-Cam can realize a variety of active safety and comfort functions, making the driving experience safer and more comfortable.
        The system uses a dedicated chip for image processing, which can identify and process the image in front of the vehicle. The system can identify multiple targets and calculate target parameter information, including:
Lane line: It can identifies the type of lane, such as dashed lines, solid lines, reflective points, double lines and curbs, etc.
It can identify the distance of the lane line from the wheel and the meeting speed of the vehicle and lane line; it can identify vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. in front, and recognize the key distance, relative speed, CIPV (key vehicle in front), TTC and other key parameters.
Pedestrian: It can identify multiple pedestrian targets in front, including pedestrians' faces, pedestrians' lateral sides, pedestrians' backs, differently dressed pedestrians in four seasons, pedestrians holding umbrellas, etc., and the distance between the vehicle and the pedestrian and estimated collision time.
Crossing-car headlights: It can identify the headlights of the crossing car and give the target motion parameters, as well as the glare area that should be avoided by the smart headlights.
Traffic signs: It can identify a variety of traffic signs, including the main sign and the auxiliary sign below it; the location and meaning of the traffic sign can be given.
LDW: Lane Departure Warning
• FCW: Forward Collision Warning
• PCW: Pedestrian Collision Warning
• IHC: Intelligent Headlamp Control
• TSR/SAS: Traffic Sign Recognition/Speed Assistant System
• AEB: Autonomous Emergency Braking
• ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control
• LKA: Lane keeping Assistance
• LC: Lane Centering
• TJA: Traffic Jam Assistance
• HWA: Highway Assistance
Development and Testing System
•  Development Tool
   ♦  ADAS Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
   ♦  Strategy Analysis and Develop Tool for LDW/FCW/AEB/ACC
   ♦  Video Control Base (VCB)
Series Production
•  Forward View Active Safety Camera (FAS-Cam)
Engineering Service (Test Solution)
•  ADAS HIL Test, ADAS SimTrack
•  ADAS Track Test or VIL (Vehicle in the Loop)
•  ADAS Road Test
Remote Monitor Unit (RMU) + Massive Storage + Analysis Platform
•  World-leading image processing technology and hardware platform
        The recognition rate, missed detection rate and false detection rate of the image processing technology used by Hirain Technologies' Forward Active Safety System are verified by a video database of more than 500,000 kilometers, and the performance is stable and reliable.
        Based on the Mobileye EyeQ3 chip, the system hardware platform can easily integrate multiple application functions simultaneously and provide better system performance.   
•  Technology path and price/performance ratio
        The FAS-Cam can use the same Mobileye EyeQ hardware platform to implement multiple functions through software configuration, providing rich and flexible configuration options for new car models. Through the interaction with the EPS, AFS and other systems on the model platform, it is also possible to integrate LKA, IHC and other functions.
        Based on the EyeQ3 hardware platform, the vehicle can achieve the EuroNCAP five-star standard through the system (Camera Based Only), thereby reducing the cost of the vehicle's active safety system.
•  Forward active safety assessment platform
        In the early stage of vehicle model development, Hirain Technologies can provide a vision-based active safety assessment platform based on Demo Vehicle to provide rapid control of platform active safety functions, performance, and system integration assessment.
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