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LED-ADB Control System


          Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) contains an adaptive and anti-glare control algorithm of high beam front lighting which offers best view, improved comfort and safety. LED-ADB is a system that not only consists of LEDs but also has ADB functionality. By sensing other vehicles in front of the car with cameras, the LED-ADB system calculates and controls the corresponding LED particles in the high beam group to be darkened or extinguished in real time to avoid dazzling effects on the vehicles in front.
Product Description


        ♦ Driving Power ≥ 100 watts
        ♦ Response Speed ≤ 50 ms
        ♦ Obstacle Recognition Rate ≥ 95%
        ♦ Obstacle Recognition Maximum Distance ≥ 250 meters
• System Components

        The LED-ADB system consists of a camera module, two ADB controller modules, two ADB drive management modules and two ADB-LED modules.


        ♦ When the vehicle's operating environment is insufficiently illuminated and the vehicle speed exceeds 60km/h, the LED-ADB system is activated, and the system will automatically turn on the high beam to enhance the ambient lighting so that the driver can get a good driving view.

        ♦ When there are other vehicles in the visual field of the driver (such as car-following or car-crossing), the LED-ADB system will automatically capture the position of other vehicles, dimming or extinguishing the LEDs in the corresponding positions to avoid dazzling other drivers and ensuring driving safety.

        ♦ When the LED-ADB system detects that other vehicles are outside the range of high beam glare, the system will maintain a good illumination field of view and will not operate the high beam:
            ▼ When the crossing car headlights are detected to be outside 250m
            ▼ When the front taillight is detected to be outside 100m

        ♦ When the LED-ADB system detects strong ambient light (over 7000lx) or the vehicle speed is less than 40km/h, the system will automatically turn off the high beam.

        ♦ When the LED-ADB system is activated and the vehicle speed exceeds 100km/h, the system will set the high beam in high speed mode to make the illumination field more concentrated and clearer.

        ♦ When the LED-ADB system detects pedestrians on the road, it can alert the pedestrians and drivers by controlling the LED flashing at the corresponding position, and will not cause dazzling to other road users.

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