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Active Grille Shutter(AGS)


        The Active Grille Shutter (AGS) is an air intake grille adjustment system. By changing the opening and closing angle of the air intake grille, it is possible to control the intake air volume of the engine compartment and the wind resistance of the entire vehicle, thereby realizing the functions of improving the fuel economy of the vehicle and accelerating the engine warm-up process.

        The AGS provided by HiRain Technologies is characterized by its high motion accuracy, high reliability and environmental adaptability. It can support LIN bus input or PWM input. There are two types of GSA-1 and GSA-2 available depending on the output torque. Customizable instantaneous enhanced output is available to meet the customer’s needs to overcome the instantaneous resistance of dirt or ice to the grille.


• Working Voltage: 9~18V
• Operating Temperature: --40℃~105℃
• Protection Level: IP6K9K
• Small size, easy for installation and layout
• Support LIN, PWM or other customized signal input
• With instant enhanced torque output, the enhanced torque can be tailored to the load bearing capacity
• With locked-rotor recognition function, it can take protective measures when the locked-rotor is recognized, and feedback status.
• Ability to identify over-voltages, under-voltages, communication faults, hardware and software failures, take protective measures and feedback fault types.
• The output shaft mechanical interface can be customized according to customer needs.

Mechanical Dimensions

Product Parameters

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