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Chassis Height Sensor


The Chassis Height Sensor (CHS) uses an angular position measurement to detect vertical suspension movement.

HiRain has many years experience with CHS, and the sensor has been proven by numerous customers in production vehicles. The sensor supports the following systems:

•  AFS: Adaptive Front-lighting System

•  ALS: Automatic Leveling System

•  ASS: Active Suspension System


•  Based on the Hall effect, and therefore a non-contact measurement principle

•  Customizable output range

•  Analog(Radiometric) / PWM output

•  Differential algorithm used to calculate rotation angle

•  Dual redundant output supported


•  Absolute rotational angle measurement up to 360°

•  Low EMF sensitivity and no use of Rare Earth-magnets

•  Self temperature compensation

•  Robust achievement of high mounting accuracy

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