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Rain and Light Sensor


Rain and Light Sensor (RLS) is an integrated sensor package which combines a photoelectric rain sensor with a light sensor. The controller provides both automatic wiper function and headlamp function which offer improvements in both driving comfort and safety.

HiRain Technologies started the development of RLS in 2009, and has become the leading RLS supplier in the Chinese domestic market. All our products are designed to satisfy our customers's requirements.

•  Windshield Moisture Detection

    ♦ RLS senses rainfall and regulates wiper speed automatically to keep the windshield clear at all times. The system responds dynamically to the changes of moisture levels.


•  Ambient Lighting Condition Detection

   ♦ RLS senses ambient light levels and automatically adjusts vehicle light systems as required.


•  Additional Applications

   ♦ Control of windows/sunroof
   ♦ Tuning of dashboard luminance

•  Immunity to natural disturbances such as sun irradiation and dirty glass

•  High sensitivity for rain and twilight level detection

•  Bootloader for convenient software upgrade

•  Diagnostic functionality is included


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