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        Kicksensor intends to give users an advantage of opening the trunk lid without using their hands. This product is developed by HiRain Technology to meet the comfort requirements of the drivers. It adopts advanced capacitance acquisition technology, combining with the data processing algorithm by independent research. Hirain kicksensor has already been equipped on several Chinese commercial vehicles, such as FAW.


Product Components



Basic Function

•  Kicking motion detection function 

•  Switch signal output through hard coil

•  Switch signal output through LIN bus

•  System diagnostic function 

   ♦ high/low pressure diagnosis 

   ♦ antenna fault diagnosis 

   ♦ LIN bus fault diagnosis 

•  Bootloader function
Product advantage
•  The controller has low cost, small volume and is easy to arrange.
•  Efficient and flexible capacitance data processing algorithms enable product to adapt to complex environmental changes.
•  Low power chips and reasonable hibernation strategy ensures low power consumption performance
•  Mature product testing and calibration experience
•  Reliable product testing scheme and equipment.


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