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ControlBase is a rapid control prototyping (RCP) product developed by HiRain Technologies with the focus on
vehicle ECU development of new energy vehicles, power and transmission system. It provides a modular software
base in the MATLAB/Simulink environment to support controller development with a model based design workflow.
ControlBase can be used as a platform to support controller development in research and testing, but is also stable
enough to be used for small batch production sizes.

Product Feature

•  The products meets all relevant environmental, electrical and EMC test standards for production in small batch
•  ControlBase supports many applications and is able to assist the user to ensure the relevant controller designing
    requirements are met. Applications include Controllers for Diesel or Gasoline Engine, Transmissions and Vehicle
    Control Units (VCU).
•  Provide ECU-level drivers the ECU pins correspond to the driver module options.
•  Easy to use GUI for configuration of hardware resources.
•  Development platform based on the MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow Products.
•  Automatic generation of Production code.
•  The integrated bootloader makes code flashing easy and convenient.
•  Includes several demos which showcase the implementation for a variety of applications.
•  Capable of complex signal driving thanks to the Enhanced Time Processor Unit (eTPU) and is able to provide the
     interface for secondary development.
•  Support for calibration tools such as CANape, INCA and ATI Vision.
•  ControlBase is a product of HiRain Technologies, who have a reputation for providing outstanding after-sales
     training and support.

Application Case


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