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EPB(Electric Parking Brake System)


        In recent years, the rapid development of technologies such as motors, electronics, communications, and sensors has introduced more advanced technologies into the control systems of automobiles. The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) has emerged in this environment. The EPB system provides an efficient solution to improve utilization of space. It can provide more comfortable and convenient parking function. At present, Hirain has launched a single cable puller type EPB system.




Product Functionality

• Basic functions

    ♦ Static switch apply function
    ♦ Static switch release function
    ♦ Auto apply function
    ♦ PinDrive away release function


• Characteristic functions

    ♦ Electronic controlled deceleration(through ESP)
    ♦ Rear wheel anti-lock braking system
    ♦ Speed signal failure brake function
    ♦ Re-clamp brake function




        In addition to the static switch apply function and static switch release functions of traditional handbrakes, the EPB system also features automatic apply function and PinDrive away release function. When the EPB system detects that the ignition switch is powered off, it will switch the vehicle brake to apply (auto apply function); when it detects that the driver has a starting intention, it performs a release action (PinDrive away release function).

        The EPB also provides an emergency braking function. Normally, the EPB system notifies the ESP of the braking action (Electronic controlled deceleration through ESP). In the case of an abnormal ESP response, the EPB also provides an independent braking function (Rear wheel anti-lock braking system, Speed signal failure brake function) to ensure that in the case of ESP system failure, braking can be completed by relying solely on the EPB system which effectively improves the safety of the vehicle.


Product main parameters




Single cable puller type



Force Sensor Accuracy


Total Itinerary


Protection Level


Working Voltage


Working Current


Parking Time


Working Temperature





OEM Experience

Major Customer

    ♦ Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd.

• Equipped vehicles

    ♦ Pure electric bus
        Brake type: drum brake
        Cable type: single cable, one-to-two cable
    ♦ Pure electric small SUV
        Brake type: disc brake
        Cable type: one-to-two cable


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