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Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)


The VCU provides a comprehensive integration solution for highly networked commercial vehicles. Acting as a central control unit, it manages the flow of information including driver input signals, engine, transmission and other ECUs signals.


HiRain Technologies has developed the VCU product which has been successfully equipped on commercial vehicles from numerous manufacturers, such as FAW JIEFANG AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY, LTD and SHAANXI AUTOMOBILE GROUP.
The VCU is able to integrate  the following systems and functions
•  Engine management

    ♦ Accelerator pedal position estimation

    ♦ Target engine torque and speed calculation

    ♦ External torque and speed request control

    ♦ Engine start/stop control

    ♦ Engine immobilizer

•  Transmission management

•  Coolant system and air-conditioning control

•  Braking System management

    ♦ Retardation systems incl. Deceleration control functions

    ♦ Exhaust brake control

    ♦ Engine brake control

•  Vehicle status indication

    ♦ Coolant temperature

    ♦ Engine oil temperature

    ♦ Engine oil level

    ♦ Fuel level

    ♦ And many more

•  Diagnosis gateway
•  Driver Assistance functions

    ♦ Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

    ♦ Blind Spot Detetion (BSD)

    ♦ Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)


Typical architecture of commercial vehicle using VCU





•  Providing a well-defined separation of the engine management and vehicle dynamics management

•  Improving the expandability and upgradeability of the vehicle

•  Reducing costs and complications associated with powertrain system alterations

•  Shortening development cycle time

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