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NO Title Date
1 HiRain Technologies has won “Best of Supply Cooperation Award of 2018” given by BorgWarner 2019-05-30
2 Hirain Center Laboratory Software Testing Successful Expansion by Acquiring CNAS Qualifications 2019-05-15
3 Hirain won a DAF DCDC project's 10PPM award 2019-05-13
4 HiRain Technologies was awarded the strategic cooperation prize of 2018 at The 2019 Faw Jilin Automobile Business Conference. 2019-04-12
5 HiRain Technologies won SAIC-GM/PATAC software quality innovation award! 2019-04-10
6 HiRain Technologies Intelligent Manufacturing Bas - Jiangsu Hangrun Automotive Electronics co., ltd. officially opened! 2019-04-10
7 Grupo Antolin partners with HiRain Technologies to develop new vehicle lighting solutions 2019-02-22
8 HiRain Technologies won the “Research and Development Contribution” award 2018-12-21
9 HiRain Technologies won the “Quality Leadership” award! 2018-12-20
10 HiRain Technologies won the “Development and Cooperation” award! 2018-12-19
11 HiRain Technologies won PACCAR China's best new supplier award 2018-11-27
12 Innoviz Technologies and HiRain Technologies Partner to Bring High-Performance LiDAR and Computer Vision Software to Chinese Auto Manufacturers 2018-06-06
13 Rooike ET Laboratory present new logistics - “Hump Plan”, The FAW team up with Hirain Technology test “Highway Speed Rail” 2018-06-06
14 Autonomous Driving: Future success needs more effort 2018-05-07
15 Hirain Technology helps FAW launch L4 Intelligent truck! 2018-05-04


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