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        On 21 March 2018, “The Global Autonomous Driving Innovation Summit 2018” was held in Shanghai. During the meeting, the general manager of intelligent driving department and CTO Xue junliang that from Beijing Hirain Technology Company states his thoughts and opinions on intelligent driving system.  


        Intelligentization is an important direction for the development of automotive technology. On the basis of the experiences accumulated in the field of automotive electronics support and consulting service in the past 20 years, following the development trend in the industry, Hi Rain Technologies has gradually conducted the R&D, and practical applications of intelligent driving system among many business fields, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles. Moreover, Hi Rain Technologies has provided intelligent driving solutions that cover key technologies such as environmental awareness, sensor fusion, intelligent decision-making, control execution, system integration, and simulation testing. 


       For domestic automotive electronics suppliers, how should they face the intensity market environment?

There is not much time left for Chinese team,  we must continousu work effort for facing the requirements of our customers


        As an automotive electronics supplier, Hi Rain Technologies focuses on products that are currently most likely to be mass-produced while concentrating on catching up with international giants, in order to provide product support for the L1-L3 intelligent assisted driving technology, and gradually develop higher-level autopilot technology on this basis. 


       According to general Xue, he said that since the first-level and second-level products have already helped us solve many problems, which can save our lives many times. What we first have to do is to make good quality products at the first-level and second-level, and then ascend step by step. A better future requires everyone to work hard together. 


        In the round-table discussion session of the conference, the guests expressed their opinions on the crashing incident of Uber automatic driving car. The consensus view is that the collision of automatic driving vehicles is not only a purely technical issue, but also involves a lot of problems related to laws, policies, and ethics, which requires the entire industry and even the entire community to work together in order to actively put forward solutions.


        Moreover, the exhibition booth of intelligent driving technology built by Hirain Technology has attracted a large number customers’ attention.


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