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        The 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit was successfully held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center on 31st May,2018. At the summit, the rookie ET logistics laboratory announced the “Hump Plan” that they will join hands with FAW, Beijing Hirain Technology ., and BUAA drones team to jointly promote the mass production of drone equipment to create a new stereoscopic logistics network of unmanned vehicles and drones.


        The goal of “Hump Plan” to build 100,000 unmanned equipment in 3 years also includes automatic driving trucks. At the summit, the rookie ET laboratory and FAW released the “Highway Speed Rail”. The so-called "Highway Speed Rail" is a fleet of high-speed cargo trucks led by automatic driving trucks. At present, the automatic driving trucks jointly made by FAW and ET laboratory are under testing. The final sensor solution will be determined according to the needs of the scene. As a strategic partner of FAW, Hirain Technology has also participated in the research of the automatic driving trucks, helping to release the "Highway Speed Rail"!



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