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HiRain Technologies won the “Quality Leadership” award!


Today, Shanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. meeting of excellent supplier 2018 was held in BaoJi. In this meeting, HiRain Technologies was awarded the “Quality Leadership” award in 2018!


HiRain Technologies and Shanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. have a history of cooperation for more than ten years. As a long-term partner of Shanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. HiRain Technologies has been providing superior products and services. The main collaborative products include BCM, DCM, VCU, intelligent controller, ADAS, etc. The “Quality Leadership” award is a recognition of HiRain Technologies’ work in 2018. Hirain will keep working hard and improving in future cooperation!


With the rapid development of science and technology, the future is full of unknown and challenges, HiRain Technologies will rely on the outstanding teams and the spirit of continuous innovation to become the international first-class electronics system technology and service provider and provide more customers with more quality products and services!

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