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Grupo Antolin, one of the largest manufacturers of vehicle interiors in the world, has entered into a strategic partnership with HiRain Technologies, a leading automotive Chinese electronics provider, to jointly provide carmakers with innovative lighting solutions for the interior and exterior of the vehicle mainly with state-of-art technology and high degree of electronics with an initial focus on local OEMs.

This collaboration sets the path to strengthen Grupo Antolin as a top worldwide interior lighting player. Customers will benefit from the synergies provided by this partnership, in which HiRain’s technological expertise and core electronic components know-how along with Grupo Antolin’s knowledge of system integration and optical capabilities for vehicle interiors will combine in order to offer the most advance lighting multiproduct portfolio in the market that meet increasingly technical requirements from carmakers.

Headquartered in Beijing, HiRain Technologies is a major Chinese automotive electronics company specialized in electronic engineering and electronic components manufacturing to all major local OEMs with broad footprint in China and branch offices in Germany and the United States.

“The fast-pacing environment and upcoming challenges in the automotive industry such as autonomous vehicle, electrification and weight reduction will bring a lot of opportunities for our interiors business. With an increasing electronic content in the interior of the car, we believe in our expertise to introduce and connect all these parts in our products as a "smart integrator". Through this partnership with HiRain Technologies, a long-term and important supplier that has supported us in our Lighting business growth in China in the past, we will be able to offer the latest lighting technology with high degree of electronics in our integrated interior components at a better price”, notes Jorge Juarez, APAC President of Grupo Antolin.


The smart integrator strategy seeks to build intelligence into the interior parts of a car by efficiently integrating into Grupo Antolin’s products all the lighting, electronics, sensors, cameras, and displays the vehicle of the future will have.

“In light of new market trends and cost efficiency driven industry, increasing the added-value of automotive components through innovation and integration is crucial to grow as leading automotive player. Together with Grupo Antolin, we strongly believe we will be able to support customers from an early stage to develop innovative lighting solutions and integrate them into final interior products, reducing weight and cost while meeting the highest technical standards required by carmakers”, underlined Dr. Zhanning Qi, AE President of HiRain Technologies.

Grupo Antolin and HiRain Technologies have already started collaborating on some advanced dynamic ambient lighting projects, a new interior lighting feature required by final end-customer that will come to light in the Chinese market in 2019 and that is expected to grow exponentially in coming years.

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