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Job Title1: Program Coordinator

•  Job Duty:
1. Coordinate manufacturing and production planning for customers in accordance with the placement and assignment.
2. Engage with engineering managers to understand their project scope and future needs to translate into business practices and calculate the feasibility of projects in terms of cost and benefit analysis using expertise in business administration.
3. Coordinate operational logistics for prototype phase of production and develop supply chain process for inventory tracking and management.
4. Evaluate technical resource requirement needs and prepare a source plan to execute the plan according to the strategic sourcing process. 


•  Requirement:
Master degree in Business Administration or related with 6 months experience as Coordinator or HR Specialist or Analyst. 

(Post Date: 02/10/2020)

Ref: #5495.


Job Title2: Project Engineer

•  Job Duty:
1.Develop on Electronic Control Units (ECUs) with applications in areas such as sunroof motor control, power lift gate controllers, vehicle door pod controllers, BA overhead console using MATLAB, Hypermesh,
Vector CANoe, SAP, etc .
2. Create requirement specifications and technical drawings.
3. Develop the comprehensive User Interface Operations screen (HMI) in VeriStand programming environment.
4. Implement the test sequence developed on TestStand software for MCU, HCU and ABS.
5. Develop FEA motor model for MCU test based on the LabVIEW software. 


•  Requirement: Master degree in Mechanical Engineering with 6 months experience as Project or Mechanical or Application Engineer or related. Related exp must include using Vector CANoe.

Ref: #6666.    


Contact:  job@hirain.us

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