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Real-vehicle-based ADAS Assessment Service


        Hirain Technologies can provide OEM and component suppliers with a real vehicle-based rapid evaluation system in the early stages of developing vehicles, providing customers with rapid prototype modifications, real driving experience and system evaluation. The Real-vehicle-based ADAS Assessment provides decision support based on measured data for the following projects:

ADAS feature experience and configuration selection;
• Radar, camera, or fusion implementation options;
• HMI system design;
• Security policy research;
• EuroNCAP score forecast;


System Composition

        The Real-vehicle-based ADAS assessment system consists of the following components:

Vehicle platform: Target vehicle platform with similar features for future car models, providing implementation and integration platform foundation for ADAS functions, including interfaces such as EMS/ESP/EPS/EPB;



Millimeter wave radar: One or more millimeter wave radars that provide inputs for systems such as ACC/AEB/BSD;



Camera system: Front view camera and video control system, providing front image of the vehicle and target recognition results, providing the necessary input interface for functions such as ACC/AEB/LDW/TSR/IHC;
Control system: Implement vertical and horizontal control and security policy algorithms based on the model and RCP tool Controlbase;



HMI: Quickly implement custom systems for customers based on model and professional HMI design tool Altia;



Keypad: A standard button module that provides a control interface for car models that do not have a combination switch;



Data Acquisition System: Support long-term bus data collection. Real-time positioning information is obtained by GPS to provide support for test data analysis;


Service Scope

ADAS functional prototype retrofit: Assist customers in selecting the right sensor, controller, and actuator system based on customer functional requirements. Renovating the prototype car with ADAS function for customers based on the target vehicle platform;
 HMI system design and implementation: Based on the model and Alita tool chain, the HMI system design and implementation can be provided to customers, which can provide strong support for the early evaluation of HMI performance. The HMI interface and control logic of the pre-design phase can be seamlessly applied to the development phase;
 ADAS functional test: Provide customers with a rich test case library for customer functional requirements. It can perform related ADAS function tests based on HIL bench, real vehicle or VIL, and can provide test report and data analysis results;
 Consultation and development of active safety control strategies: Develop and optimize safety control strategies based on customer function and performance requirements to develop appropriate performance indicators for vehicle powertrain, braking, and steering systems;
 EuroNCAP simulation: A site simulation test using a low-cost solution to provide a EuroNCAP SA evaluation score estimate;
 Control Algorithm/Model: Provide a basic algorithm framework and optional functional modules (such as LDW/AEB/ACC/SAS, etc.) that allow customers to focus on developing top-level control algorithms;



1. The test in the video is implemented by Mobileye® image processing technology.
2. EPM, EyeQ, CarPC are products and logos of Moileye®


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