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 The Automotive  Electrical and Electronic(E/E) Systems Test Service


E /E System Integration Test

We focus on providing automobile manufacturers with the most reliable test services that includes comfort systems, chassis systems, powertrain systems, safety systems, information and entertainment systems, bus  communication systems, power supply systems and electrical grounding systems. During the process of vehicleresearch and development, our test service is not only capable to detect the design and function errors   in advance, but also assists the vehicle manufacturers to discover the flaws in system design and optimize the product design.


Body & Comfort Systems
•  System scope   
•  Test coverage
    ♦  System positive function, boundary value, power management, mis-use, scene analysis, fault diagnosis, anti-pinch strategy …
•  Test condition
    ♦  Field test, bench test


Information & Entertainment Systems
•  System scope   
    ♦  IC、Radio、MMC、AVM、PAS、HUD、Telematics …
•  Test coverage
    ♦  System positive function, boundary value, power management, mis-use, scene analysis, fault diagnosis, display for strategy reasonableness, display for priority, subjective feeling …
•  Test condition
    ♦  Field test, bench test

Chassis, Powertrain & Safety Systems
•  System scope   
•  Test coverage
    ♦  System positive function, boundary value, power management, mis-use, scene analysis, fault diagnosis, coordinated torque control strategy, braking request control strategy …
•  Test condition
    ♦  Field test

Power Supply, Grounding & Wiring Harness Systems
•  System scope   
    ♦  Design and selection of power supply system and grounding system
    ♦  Electrical performance test and rectification scheme design of vehicle  
    ♦  Electrical performance design, establishment and improvement of test specification
•  Test condition
    ♦  Field test


Function Test for E/E Systems


Function Test Examples of E/E systems
•  PEPS Functional test                                                              
   Functional partition:
    ♦  Power distribution function test;
    ♦  Smart start,smart stop    
    ♦  Start button in backlight  
    ♦  Smart locking, unlocking  
    ♦  Remote locking, unlocking   
    ♦  Central control locking, unlocking
    ♦  Mechanical key locking, unlocking 
    ♦  Automatic latch 
    ♦  Body anti-theft   
    ♦  Smart-key monitor 
    ♦  …


•  BCM Functional Test
    Functional partition:       
    ♦  Inner light
        Car door action   
        ▼Ignition action         
    ♦  Outer light
        Running lamp   
        Location illumination        
    ♦  Wiper and washer
        Front wiper off/on 
        Front wiper wiping        
    ♦  Central control
        Central door lock control  
        Door state test      
    ♦  Auxiliary function
        Comfort window-up by remote key 
        Anti-pinch and alarming in theprocess of comfort window-up
    ♦  Anti-theft
        Set security →pre-set security→unset security        
    ♦  Gateway function
    ♦  Network management
        Dormant condition
        Wakeup after overnight dormancy    
    ♦  Electric property test
        Power management function
        Transient effect of start  
        Power off/on
    ♦  Mis-use
        Viscous operation
        Repeated manipulation  
    ♦  Scene test
        Speed effect
        Environment effect   
    ♦  Diagnosis test
        Load failure of open-circuit and and short-circuit
        Power failure  


Test-bed condition for complete vehicle function       Statistics of test problems in certain vehicle (The first round test)


Functional Testing of Field Condition



Work and Product of the Test Project
•  Test scheme 
•  Test matrix
•  Test cases
•  Test item problem report
•  Test problems analysis Report…


Main Test Techniques and Methods
•  Equivalence partitioning 
•  MC/DC
•  Boundary value
•  State transition
•  Scene analysis
•  Error guessing







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