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Vehicle Network Integration Test- based on ”virtual vehicle”test  platform

The fast development of vehicle electronic technology cause the increase of complexity of the function of ECU. Since the interactive function among vehicle network communication, OBD and electronic units are becoming more and more complicated, traditional test technology cannot fulfill the test requirement.

Nowadays, most companies are using HIL test technology to set up the “virtual vehicle” test platform, whose abundant functions and test tools can assist engineer’s test and verification in laboratory. Via this test platform, customers can realize testing simulation of the working condition by setting up a testing model of a vehicle, running it under a real-time environment, and working with every electronic unit in a closed condition. It can complete the manual test, fault test and automatic test. 


System Features

HiRain has been focusing on set up virtual vehicle test platform for years. Customers can save testing cost, shorten testing cycle and development cycle by using this platform. This hardware based virtual test platform can complete following test: 
•  complete vehicle electronic units function test
•  complete vehicle electronic units communication test
•  complete vehicle electronic units failure diagnosis
•  complete vehicle electronic units integration test

At the same time, this virtual platform has following features:
•  able to simulate different (including dangerous and failure) conditions
•  able to simulate different electronic and communicative failures
•  able to quickly reproduce vehicle electronic failures
•  able to realize several electronic integrative and interactive test
•  able to realize automatization
•  easy to maintain and change the testing vehicle


Service introduction

HiRain is aiming to become the outstanding complete vehicle electronic integrative test service provider, and in years cooperation with customers, we can fulfill different requirements as below:  
•   test project management   
    ♦  test requirement development 
    ♦  test process monitor    
    ♦  test case development    
    ♦  test case implementation   
•   real-time vehicle model development   
    ♦  complex engine model simulation package
    ♦  complex transmission model simulation package  
    ♦  vehicle dynamic simulation package    
    ♦  transportation simulation package
    ♦  hybrid power system simulation package
•  electronic test solution 
    ♦  solution covering power, chassis, vehicle body and entertainment     
    ♦  new energy testing solution       
    ♦  cooperative testing solution combined with real load bench  
    ♦  human machine interaction objective testing solution   
    ♦  new energy testing solution       
    ♦  transportation interaction testing solution           
    ♦  complete vehicle laboratory solution


Customers & Experiences

Many domestic motor companies successfully apply HIL testing technology to complete vehicle network and ECU’s development and test under HiRain’s assist. Some of them are building up their designed and independent virtual vehicle test platform and process. HiRain is able to offer continuous field support, complete service and customized test platform.

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