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 Driver in-the-loop test system

Driver in-the-loop test system is a new test system aiming to analysis, exam and repeat the actual interaction among “human-vehicle-road-transportation” situation. The system is developed upon real-time simulation and combined the behavior of actual driver. It can realize the test and complex assessment of a motor or a new technology, and provide strong support to the ongoing research and development.

As an excellent DIL test system provider, HiRain is experienced and effective in DIL test technology. Therefore we are able to offer complete solution and engineering consulting service. Nowadays many motor companies are utilizing this system under HiRain’s support and successfully apply it into several business fields.


Application Fields
DIL is wide-used in the following typical applications:
•  advanced driver auxiliary system and active safety technology development and test 
•  advanced vehicle electronic control system development and test
•  vehicle chassis and steering electronic control system development and test
•  vehicle comfort verification and assessment
•  virtual vehicle test
•  analysis of driver's behavior 
•  vehicle-road cooperative technology development
•  technology exhibition and interactive experience

System Features
• “Man-motor-road-environment” high performance real-time dynamic closed testing system
•  distributed network structure
•  able to support semi-physical simulation test
•  parameterized semi-physical model 
•  able to generate several different testing environment under a simple click
•  self-defined different types of experimental working conditions
•  safety test of dangerous and limiting conditions
•  abundant 3D scenes
•  powerful 3D real-time animation
•  flexible, safe and reliable 
•  good for expansion and resusability


Engineering Service 

HiRain provide following professional service to fulfill distinctive requirement:
•  real-time vehicle development vehicle dynamic simulation package  
    ♦  road simulation package   
    ♦  transportation simulation package    
    ♦  sensor simulation package 
•  real-time animation development 
    ♦  road modeling      
    ♦  environment modeling    
    ♦  vehicle modeling    
    ♦  3D scene development    
•  virtual driving environment development  
    ♦  multi-freedom degree movement platform customerization    
    ♦  virtual  cockpit customerization development    
    ♦  view simulation system development and design   
•  complete solution 
    ♦  static test system solution  
    ♦  static test system solution combined with testing bench   
    ♦  multi-freedom degree movement static test system solution      
    ♦  vehicle development verification platform solution  
    ♦  transportation test system solution


Customer Benefits
•  increase development efficiency, shorten development cycle and decrease development cost and risk
•  cover motor development tools chain, able to apply to different development stages'fast verification and test
•  less objective strains, test more completely and more knowledge about 
•  strong reusability, customers can set up different parameters to complete tests under different working conditions
•  complete test under danger conditions, decrease risk of road experiment
•  test conditions are able to reproduce, with good consistency
•  fast and efficient 3D animation generation, decrease workload and difficulty 
•  able to support embedded object experiment, realize the cooperative simulation of model and object

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