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 Vehicle Entertainment Information Test System

Vehicle multimedia system is becoming more and more pivotal as a high additional value electronic production. It is improving from a single media equipment to an integrated system with entertainment, navigation and wireless communication function. Therefore the inefficient traditional test cannot fulfill modern automatic test requirement.

HiRain's vehicle entertainment information test system, which is based on machine vision, robot and hardware-in-loop technology, can simulate the working situation of vehicle multimedia system. Via providing robot manipulation, image collection and media and radio frequency signal simulation and analysis, HiRain build up a closed-loop test environment under experimental condition. This test environment can assist the analysis and research on vehicle media system. 

Application Fields

Vehicle media information test system can fulfill the following requirement:
• vehicle entertainment information development
    ♦  a typical application is the development and test of vehicle central control system  
        HMI image flow test    
        touch control and force collection test     
        ▼media and video signal performance analysis       
        navigation and wireless communication function test

    ♦  meter display system function test             
       meter ampere hand display test    
        OCR and symbolic feature recognition      
    ♦  multifunctional steering wheel comfort function test    
    ♦  air conditioner touch control test
•  complete vehicle electronic comfort and entertainment development  
•  be part of the complete vehicle electronic test, realize the integrated and interactive test of comfort and entertainment system and dynamic and chassis system



System Features
As an outstanding test environment provider, HiRain aims to offer complete and reliable comfort and entertainment system test environment and engineering service. Based on machine vision, robot and hardware-in-loop technology, the test system can decrease testing cost and development cycle. This test system contains following advantages:
•  closed-loop simulation environment under experimental condition
•  flexible and multi-degree-freedom robot touch control test
•  blocked radio frequency signal simulation and analysis
•  highly automatization, save time and cost while improving performance 
•  high reliability and reproductivity, easy to usage and configuration 
•  easy to maintain and expand

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