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Network Automatic Testing System--HiNats

HiNats is an in-vehicle Network Automatic Testing System that provides plentiful test cases and constructs a solid foundation for test management function to support driving component and system level network automatic testing. The system has the characteristics of high test coverage, high efficiency, and simplicity of operation and strong versatility, which reduces the manpower input and improves test quality greatly.
HiNats is widely used by major in-vehicle network including CAN/LIN/MOST/FLexRay/Ethernet in automobile industry, MVB/WTB in locomotives, and other products.


Service content
The system has completed more than one version upgraded since developed. The V1 version is a network multiple test cabinets as the first generation, including CAN/LIN network communication test, network management test and bench testing. The V2 version is specialized in automated testing environment for single-controller network, mainly in single controller CAN/LIN network communication and network management test. The V3 version is an entirely new version which is characterized with new upgraded hardware and software covering all features of V1 version. Based on the V3 version, voltage variationTest and network interference injection are added into the V4 version. Additionally, it also provides full web access for interacting with web APIs.

Fig1.History of Network Automatic Testing System

There are two editions of Network Automatic Testing System, one serves for OEMs and the other one serves for suppliers respectively. The characteristics and contents are listed below:

•  OEMs Edition

   ♦Support Single-controller Test and System Integration Test which are based on network testing bench.
   ♦Consist of Standard Automatic Testing Cabinet, system Integration Testing Bench, Testing management software and Script.
•  Supplier Edition

   ♦Support single-controller test.
   ♦Consist of miniature automated testing plug box, testing management software and Script.


Fig2.Network Automatic Testing System for OEMS


Network Automatic Testing System supply testing contents are provided and shown as follows:
•  CAN Bus physical layer test
•  CAN Bus data-link layer test
•  CAN Bus inter-action layer test
•  OSEK network management test
•  Network-related failure test
•  UDS diagnostic protocol test
•  Bus-signal consistency test 
•  LIN Bus physical layer test 
•  LIN Bus data-link layer test
•  LIN Bus schedule table test
•  LIN Bus network management test 
•  Diagnostics data consistency test
•  Voltage Variantion Test
•  Network interference test
•  MOST-bus core consistency test
•  MOST-bus extended consistency test 
•  FlexRay-bus consistency test
•  Ethernet-bus test
•  MVB-bus consistency test 
•  WTB-bus consistency test


Service Advantages
•  Five years'experience in Network Automatic Testing System
•  Twelve years'actual project development and testing experiences in vehicular network
•  Domestic Sole agency of testing equipment certification agencies designated by the MOST Alliance
•  More than 20 successful Network Automatic Testing System projects bring us lots of high quality customers and partners such as :First Automotive Works(FAW),Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center(PATAC), Beijing Automobile Group Co. Ltd, GEELY Automobile Group Co., Ltd, AnhuiJianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd, as well as some other automobile companies
•  Up to 60 in-vehicle network technical engineers
•  Rich experience in Human-Computer Interface designing and developing
•  Localized and world-class after-sales services


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