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Automotive Electronics Integrated Test Project Management Tool-INTA

INTA is a integrated test project management tool, and it can control all the data during test process such as demand, case, sample, plan report and defect. A traditional management method is based on several programs; it can complete a management to a simple process but lose a rigorous management thought and a tracking of process. As a integrated solution for test project management, INTA emphasizes more on the management of process and is able to cover and track several processes in a system.


INTA is able to support testing management of several environments, including real vehicle test, bench test and HIL test, and it can integrate with automatic test software INTES.

•  Test requirement management    

    INTA regards demand as the core and support an examination of statistical information based on demand, such as the covering situation of demand, the execution situation of cases and the defects.                   
    ♦  able to support an introduction of a third party tool testing demand
    ♦  able to support test demand and test case, plan, defect, and report link
    ♦  powerful data statistics function


•  Test plan management

   Every test plan can set up its beginning and ending time, who is in charge of it and required test cases. It also provides complete statistical function; project manager can exam the status of the executing project directly to save cumbersome statistical work.                
    ♦  able to support the setup of test case development plan and test case execution plan
    ♦  able to support a tracking of several different types of test plans'finished situation
    ♦  able to support a integration of automatic test plan to INTES                      
    ♦  able to support manually deriving of test plan


•  Test case management

   Through developing packages belonging to different hierarchy  or directly inherit package structure from demand management module to manage the test case. Tree structure and case information can be directly integrated to INTES software for a building up of following testing series.               
    ♦  tree structured case management, can be divided to project, package and test case three hierarchies, support LTC/CTC structure and decrease the amount of test cases
    ♦  the variable of test cases uniformly derived from variable management module, assuring the consistency of variable
    ♦  able to support the tracking of testing demand and the analysis of covering degree                
    ♦  unified variable and variable-value management                    
    ♦  able to support a automatic replacement of refreshed variable and value in a cited case


•  Test sample management

   Generally, test samples are changing and upgrading during test process, and same sample can produce different results under different tests. In order to keep accuracy, INTA provides test sample management function, and these information will be completely save into test report.              
    ♦  unified managed test sample
    ♦  support a related management test plan, test report, defect and test sample 
    ♦  provide statistical function based on test sample       

•  Test report management

   Customers can upload both manually-upload and automatically-upload test report to INTA for unified management, and the system also support collection and analysis of test result and test case execution situation based on existed test report. All test report support online exam and export.              
    ♦  able to support the upload, review and download of  manually-upload report and automatically-upload report
    ♦  able to support statistical analysis based on test report
    ♦  able to support covering rate collection for test cases            

•  Defect management

   Defect management is the core result of the whole test process. The produce and close of defect is the process of discovering and solving problem. INTA provides complete defect management module and related it to other management module such as demand and test sample.            
    ♦  support the input and deriving of software defect
    ♦  support the correlation of defect and demand, test case and report 
    ♦  support defect statistical analysis for several dimensions   


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