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General Test Case Execution Software-INTES

NITES is a general test case execution software that is compatible to different simulation systems. It also has a series of function related to ECU test such as defect integration, calibration, measurement, diagnosis, MIL. INTES can be seamlessly integrated to INTA test project management software. Test project data designed in INTA can be introduced to INTES conveniently as top input; at the same time automatically-produced test report generated by INTES also can be uploaded to INTA for collection and analysis.  


•  Abundant test component library 

   As a integrated development environment designed for automatic test, INTES commits graphic modelling to common program code and system function, also provides many rapid expression such as expression compiling and curve configuration to assist customers set up components'properties.                  
    ♦  sequence frame component such as sequence frame and function
    ♦  process control component such as if, else, while
    ♦  common function component such as Print, Assert, Wait                     
    ♦  HIL component, based on ASAM HIL API standards and able to support different simulation machines    
    ♦  defect introduction component, able to simulate different failures of hardware                   
    ♦  diagnosis component, based on SAE J2534 standards, able to support different hardware interface card                     
    ♦  calibration component, based on ASAM MCD3 standards, able to support different calibration tools    
    ♦  MATLAB component, able to support automatic test of MIL                  
    ♦  Vector component, able to support vector tools such as CANoe, CANscope, CANstress


•  Convenient test case build up method

   INTES provides graphic sequence editor to set up automatic test sequence. Customers can set up automatic test sequence without deep learning. INTES also provides support to python script for customers to deal with complicated data.                  
    ♦  graphic test case
    ♦  build up test cases by dragging on interface
    ♦  common function component such as Print, Assert, Wait                     
    ♦  able to support python for development of self defined components and test case    
    ♦  support static compile and grammar check during development stage, decrease the workload                   
    ♦  able to support offline test case development and debug                     
    ♦  able to support the examine of test case execution and test case result   


•  High reusability of test case

   If a test set will be reused by other test sequence, then it will packaged as customized library. As the test project proceed, customized library will contain more content, which will improve the efficiency of test sequence development. Customized library can be individually edited and synchronized to all sequences required it.                   
    ♦  support customer defined case library, support “one button update” of library document to cited document
    ♦  introduce LTC/CTC mechanism, reuse general case for actual case with same logic to reduce the amount of new development test cases
    ♦  isolate test case variable from model, signal sequence and ECU signal, assure the reuse of test case under different hardware and model environment     


•  Flexible test project and plan management

   During the execution of test case, INTES can build up a test plan including test case, so that it can automatically proceed a series of test case without human interference. Test plan can be configured with random test case proceeding sequence and times.                   
    ♦  unified management of test engineering, including test plan, test case, test report/test equipment
    ♦  support setting up proceed sequence, times and range of one or several groups of test case


•  Able to produce customized test report

   INTA can automatically produce report document based on test result. Test report beings with statistical information based on test result. Customers can choose to produce either a elaborated test report or a outlined test report. Besides, it can also produce test report with specific structure as required.                
    ♦  support an automatically-produced test report

    ♦  support self-defined test report                 
    ♦  support HTML or PDF format test report











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