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Intelligent Load and Signal Simulator

With years of cooperation with foreign OEM, HiRain has accumulated abundant experience on developing simulation for durability test and signal of working conditions. HiRain also provides technical consulting service for test standard analysis, test method design, test environment development, definition of working conditions under test, test result management, actual test support, result and problem analysis, and test process. 

Intelligent Load and Signal Simulator are test platforms specially developed for electronic unit test and  test application. They can fulfill customers’ requirement for electronic unit’s development and verification process, including the feature test, performance test, durability test, and software adjustment. They are automatic, modular and standardized. 

Via simulating the digital signal, analog signal, frequency signal, bus signal and other electronic load in the environment, this platform provides authentic electronic environment imitation, monitoring on several test samples while recording their data automatically for future analysis. 


Features of environment load simulation
•  Platform-designed scheme, good compatibility for most motors' electronic unit test                                                            
•  Able to realize multi-DUT test/ customized DUT packet method         
•  Continuously work for 10000h without stoppage                                                                
•  Able to integrate temperature box, battery and else test equipment, providing most convenient application for customers    
    ♦  Provide setting up and control function
    ♦  Provide control function for ECU power supply in terms of different test data, able to fulfill special test setup such as PTC  
    ♦  Collect actual test conditions, search for potential factors for ECU’s degeneration analysis

•  Intelligent software system  
    ♦  Able to fulfill customers' specialized test conditions 
    ♦  Presuppose several test simulation system, able to support the expansion of test conditions
    ♦  Presuppose several OEM test standards, able to support the expansion of the setup of test standards
    ♦  24-hour no-human interference test management, intelligent management of test and breakdown result

Service Advantages
•  8-year experience of electromagnetic compatibility and reliability design                                                         
•  More than 40 OEMs' test standards   
•  More than 100 successful electromagnetic compatibility and reliability load box designs                                                              
•  More than 20 successful training on electromagnetic compatibility and reliability design                                                         
•  24-hour fast responsive support                                                    
•  Electromagnetic compatible load box is able to fulfill famous OEM such as GM and Ford’s requirement


Features of signal simulator
•  Small volume for convenience; high flexibility on software commission and function test requirements                                                    
•  Build-in 400M real-time processor, able to collect data of timing and injection information
•  Based on TCP/IP protocol, able to transfer control and test signal quickly                                                            
•  CPCI structure board, able to expand and upgrade conveniently                                                        
•  Abundant resource for interface: AD, DA, PWM, producing random signal, electronic relay and switch signal                                              
•  Able to configure high-power load, able to simulate motor lamp, electronic relay and motor                                                         
•  Specialized ECU load, able to simulate injector, ignition coil and electromagnetic valve                                                     
•  Professional test software: flexible setup for test sequence, applying to automatic test and repeat test                                              
•  Strong mobility, free engineers from shackles

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