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HiQuanten-Embedded Basic Software

Since ECU complexity and function are increasing, customers are facing difficulty in reusability and increase in maintenance cost.  As a standardized software, HiQuanten is able to shorten development cycle, improve software performance and lower labor cost.  

HiQuanten is a series of basic integrative software products. Containing with bus communication, diagnosis, calibration, refresh and operation system, HiQuanten has past global mass production vehicle verification. Following are its features:
•  able to fulfill OEM network standards                                                          
•  able to support different standards such as AUTOSAR、OSEK/VDX、HIS、ISO 11898、ISO 15765、ISO 14229、ISO 15031、SAE J1939、LIN 1.3/2.0/2.1、ASAM CCP2.1、MISRA C       
•  able to support friendly user interface configuration tools                                                             
•  able to support function expansion and customization                                                      
•  provide MATLAB/Simulink basic software module library, via graphic modeling, it can automatically integrate basic software and application software under MATLAB/Simulink environment                                                          
•  high reliability, low resource occupancy rate, high readability and easy to transplant       




HiQuanten can assist customer to set up a basic software platform, which offer functions required by ECU development such as communicate, diagnosis, refresh to customers. Its submodules are independent and compatible. Their combinations can be applied to different engineering projects. Following is a introduction of its structure:


main functions



Communication, diagnosis, network management and calibration

• obey AUTOSAR4.0 standard

• High reusability. Only need to change bus driving module if a MCU and compiler

• able to support dbc and odx document analysis



online ECU refresh application program

• accordance with HIS standard

• able to support ECU bus refresh such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST and Ethernet


Integrative multi-task real-time operation system

• able to support complete OSEK/VDX OS function

• able to support OSEK/VDX COM internal communication function

• able to support automatically produce interrupted vector map

• provide stack checking function


Produce basic software code integrated with applied algorithm under MATLAB/Simulink environment

• customer can complete the integration of control algorithm and basic software in the same platform under MATLAB/Simulink environment

• able to support different IDE integration plans


provide unified memory solution

• obey AUTOSAR 4.0 Standard

• provide data protection function, improve customer access safety

• Parallel data recovery mechanism, provide double insurance

 HiQuanten offers powerful configuration tools for customers’ convenience. Therefore it improves efficiency, correctness and reliability of configuration codes dramastically. 
•  Field integration 
    ♦ “Turnkey” field service
    ♦  fast response, support by local development team
•  technology training  
    ♦  software usage training
    ♦  industry standard training
•  technology support
    ♦  24-hour phone service, solve problem on field
    ♦  free update before expiration


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